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Tatra Tales



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From the author, Lucia Grejtáková:

In some ways our lives are all the same. For centuries and millennia, stories of love, joys and sorrows have been repeated. Day replaces night, the old world leaves and the new is born into it. Everything has its counterpart, it seeks balance, everything is one whole, a cycle.

This book unfolds the story of Jarmila - a perceptive woman - from childhood and first memories, through adolescence and maturity, to the autumn of life. Through the gradual unfolding of the story, the reader can observe the different stages of a person's life, has the opportunity to empathize with the situation, to read the thoughts of the main character. At the same time, the author encourages to observe one's own life - to realize and accept responsibility for one's own decisions and actions.

The book is also a celebration of nature, of returning to one's roots, and of respect for tradition and the heritage of common ancestors.


This book is in Slovak.

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