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Tatra Tales

Handmade Wooden Bowl

Handmade Wooden Bowl

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Handmade versatile bowl with embedded semi-precious stone. A high-quality and functional addition to any living room or kitchen, it is made from solid wood and various stones that will positively add to the atmosphere in your home.

Each bowl is both a fully functional addition to the home and a work of art. It works perfectly and has a unique look complete with semi-precious stones.

Each bowl leaves the workshop in Slovakia with their own pattern because no two trees in nature are the same. For you, this means only one thing: your purchase is a bit of a surprise. But we guarantee you that it will be a very pleasant one. You are, after all, buying our handmade work with the original quality mark.

The heart of each product is made up of six intersecting circles, also known as the seed of life. You will find exactly these circular shapes on the petals of flowers, seeds, and in your surroundings. It just takes a little imagination and these circles turn into spatial spheres that resemble glued together bubbles or even cells. The shapes you'll find in this bowl are inspired by what you've known for a long time: nature and you. That's why they look natural and positive.

These bowls are made by a Slovak manufacture called Stromii who has a nice saying about them:  "these products are special because they don't need to get dust on them at all - because you can use them every day. So they are real works of art that you can use."

Weight approx. .5lbs, diameter approx. 144 mm, height approx. 38 mm and wall thickness approx. 12 mm.

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