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Tatra Tales

Call me with a whistle

Call me with a whistle

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From the author, Lucia Grejtáková:

The tale of two friends unfolds in a lighthearted exchange, sprinkled with a touch of fantasy. Initially presenting the whimsical world of a girl and her extraordinary companion, the narrative captivates not only young readers but also resonates with parents. It serves as a resource for finding the right words and brings joy to those who believe life is a vast realm of possibilities, diverse paths, and knowledge. This book serves as a guide to the themes and questions that cross our minds occasionally, collecting answers like precious gems. Providing insight through clear comparisons, it seeks authentic values and serves as a reminder of the virtues ingrained in every human being. Through the protagonist's perspective, it delves into emotions, stimulates intuition, and enhances the reader's perception of everyday life. The narrative encourages a desire to be truer to oneself and to loved ones, gradually evolving into the person who fulfills the purpose of one's life.

This book is in Slovak.



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