Rediscovering Magic: My Journey Through Harry Potter in Slovak

Rediscovering Magic: My Journey Through Harry Potter in Slovak

I’ve started my journey on the Rokfort Express. Never heard of it? It's the name given to the Hogwarts’ train in the Slovak translations of the Harry Potter series. As my daughters dive into their Harry Potter phase, I've decided to join them, taking a slightly different path: I'm reading the books in Slovak while they enjoy them in English.

There's something quite special about revisiting familiar stories in a new language. To be honest, I wouldn't have likely reread Harry Potter in English, but doing so in Slovak is a refreshing experience. It's like rediscovering the magic of the story. For instance, Hogwarts being called Rokfort was an amusing surprise.

Back cover of Harry Potter

Reading the books in Slovak, a language I'm less familiar with, enhances my understanding in unexpected ways. Having already read the books in English, watched the movies, and listened to my kids' interpretations, I have a good grasp of the story line. This background knowledge helps me navigate through the Slovak text, even when I encounter unknown words.

Moreover, reading in Slovak compels me to be more attentive. In my usual English non-fiction reads, I might skim through familiar sections. In fiction, I tend to read quickly. However, Slovak requires me to slow down, almost matching my daughters' pace. This slower approach allows me to appreciate nuances and details I might have previously overlooked. For example, I only realized that Hagrid's bike belonged to Sirius Black when reading the Slovak version – a detail I missed in the English version!

I invite you to try this enriching experience: revisit your favorite books, but this time, in Slovak. Which books would you choose to experience anew? Share your thoughts with us!

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